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introducing durosuite

After years of engaging with our government customers on complex IT problems, we’ve seen firsthand the challenge of maintaining security compliance. To proactively respond to evolving security requirements, we created DuroSuite.

DuroSuite is a scalable, automated solution for STIG compliance using cutting-edge technology. Features include STIG automation, auditing and remediation, API integration and a STIG update concierge service that will keep your technology compliant while saving your organization time and money.

As of September 2023, DuroSuite has received an official authority to operate (ATO). The assess only ATO was officially granted following months of rigorous review to ensure the tool is safe, secure, and approved for U.S. Government systems.


There can be hundreds of vulnerabilities per device, and manually evaluating compliance is resource-intensive. DuroSuite uses automation to reduce the cost and time required to maintain compliance, increasing efficiency, reducing human errors, and letting your team focus on the mission. With DuroSuite, you’ll avoid the months-long panic and stopped projects to manually implement STIGs before an audit.

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DuroSuite is browser-based, and doesn’t require expensive third-party software installation on each device. This saves money and reduces the footprint and complexity of monitoring your security posture.


DuroSuite requires little human interaction, which leads to fewer errors, less time spent, and easy repeatability. It’s a proactive, single solution for a wide variety of use cases.


Most enterprises involve hundreds or thousands of nodes, and DuroSuite can be scaled to your environment. If you add new nodes, they can quickly integrate into DuroSuite for compliance assurance.

Current State Artifacts

DuroSuite provides artifacts to demonstrate that STIGs checks have been completed and show current state information. Within minutes, DuroSuite can conduct security configuration checks, remediation, and present artifacts.

Adhoc Auditing

Ongoing compliance monitoring is key to threat prevention and audit readiness. DuroSuite has the capability to run checks separately from remediation and include custom comments, which lets you quickly assess vulnerabilities.


Remediation is the most manual, time-consuming part of compliance. Let DuroSuite automate your remediation and cut your compliance timeline ten-fold.

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